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Budget traveller alert: Fly to Taipei and stay in a 4-star hotel for 3D2N with just $650 台北3天2夜自由行 机票加4星级酒店住宿只需区区650新元


Budget traveller alert:Fly to Taipei and stay in a 4-star hotel with just $650

Where would you go for a 3D2N getaway if you have only a meager budget of $650 for BOTH the air ticket and lodgings? Some place in the neighbouring Malaysia, Thailand or maybe Indonesia? Now you can add Taipei to your budget travel destination list.

Taipei City is partnering with China Airlines, new attractions and local vendors to launch a 3D2N two-to-go Fun Taipei ‘Free and Easy’ package.  For just S$650 (all In, inclusive of taxes) per person, travelers will travel by China Airlines AND stay in a four-star boutique hotel in popular downtown hotspot at Ximending! Cool deal right?

Taipei city even came up with 4 carefully curated must-do lists targeted at Singaporeans to help you make the most of your 3D2N trip, so no planning needed! Just follow the recommended itinerary and you can’t go wrong.  

The 4 mission routes include shopping, food, relaxation and cultural/creativity trails to cater to Singaporeans who are looking to shop/eat till they drop, just chill or are culture history buffs. There are 12 pit stops on each of the 4 lists.  No harm mixing things up a little to get the most of the short getaway too. Singaporeans with OCDs can choose to extend their holidays and complete all 4 routes to leave no stone unturned!

(Above) 4 mission routes targeted at Singaporeans for you to choose from.

Travellers get to take home a lucky pack complete with the four mission routes and a scratch card to win prizes with every purchase of this Fun Taipei Free and Easy package.

Win a free trip to Taipei daily at Travel Revolution

Fun Taipei will be promoting the all-new 3D2N Free and Easy package at Travel Revolution held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall Basement 2 Hall F this weekend. The travel fair is open to the public. Those who visit the Fun Taipei booth at the Travel Revolution fair can participate in a virtual climb of the Taipei 101 using the smart phone and stand a chance to win China Airlines return air tickets to Taipei daily.

Travel Revolution
Venue:Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall Basement 2 Hall F (free entry)
Time: 11am-930pm

3D2N Free and Easy Package available till end of 2016

Fear not if you are too busy to make the trip to the fair, this 3D2N package will on sale at various travel agencies till end of 2016!!!

For more information on FUN TAIPEI, please visit

Namewee the “language teacher”

(Above)Fun Taipei ambassador Namewee.

Fun Taipei ambassador, Malaysian singer songwriter Namewee (黄明志) attended the press conference for the launch of his latest promotional video for FUN TAIPEI and the 3D2N free and easy package. He also gave a very comprehensive guide to Taiwan terminologies through the hilarious promotional clip.

He said he helped conceptualised the video and drew inspiration from the different ways Taiwanese and Singaporeans/Malaysians express themselves. 

Need help communicating with the Taiwanese? His comprehensive guide to speaking like a local in Taiwan is listed below.

$650 飞台北+住4星级酒店


好消息是,台北市观光传播局与中华航空于这个周末举行的革新旅游展上,将针对新加坡市场推出超值特价32夜自由行Fun Taipei旅游配套,让大家以区区650新元,到台北玩透透!


革新旅游2016顶级盛会日期: 今日起28日(星期五至日)



马国创作歌手黄明志任FUN TAIPEI宣传大使


走红台湾,最近入围金曲奖的马来西亚创作歌手黃明志也出席了这次的旅游配套宣传记者会。当局也在记者会上首播黄明志负责撰稿,并亲自演出的旅游宣传短片“Fun Taipei黃明志台北之旅乱走乱吃乱讲话”。黄明志在宣传短片里充当“语言老师”,指出两地用语特点和不同处。搞笑的呈现方式,让在场的国际媒体笑翻天。

革新旅游展上的Fun Taipei摊位除了将每日送出一张来往台北的机票,也备有许多纪念品和周边商品等待赢取。




大家要是今明两天都没空到革新旅游展,也无须担心,自由行配套可在各大旅社购得,促销期至今年底为止。预知详情,请上网 查询。

Namewee's guide to speaking like a local in Taipei
黄明志乱说乱讲 教你说台式华语

Meaning/英语: Drinks (generic term)
Singapore expressions 新马用语: shui (水)
Taiwanese expression台湾用语: yin liao (饮料)

Meaning/英语: straw (for drinking)
Singapore expressions 新马用语: xi shui cao (吸水草/水草)
Taiwanese expression台湾用语: xi guan (吸管)

Meaning/英语: wow/fantastic
Singapore expressions新马用语: steady/ gou li (够力)
Taiwanese expression台湾用语: chao hai (超嗨)

Meaning/英语:To sing karaoke
Singapore expressions新马用语: chang K (唱K
Taiwanese expression台湾用语: K ge K歌)/ye chang (夜唱)

Meaning/英语: Draw money from ATM
Singapore expressions新马用语: an qian (按钱)
Taiwanese expression台湾用语: ti kuan (提款)

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